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How To Earn Bitcoin With Coingate Exchange And Payment Gateway Referral Program

When working on my new site how to earn bitcoin online.. i stumbled upon a system new to me - coingate exchange and payment gateway service which i think has massive potential.

Coingate is a payment gateway service that allows you to accept crytpo currency transactions via your blog or website.

It supports wordpress and woo commerce right out of the box, millions of sites run on this.

It also allows you to exchange your bitcoin for fiat.. and get paid direct into your bank account.

Buying and selling bitcoin, along with a payment gateway system is a fantastic idea and i will be testing this payment system on a few of my blogs and websites in the future.

You can earn bitcoin be referring people to this site, you can get up to 1% of all their transaction fees for life.. so if you refer enough people it could really ad up over time.

Here i will show you how to create an affiliate link which you can share on facebook.. twitter or any of your social media profiles.. you can then earn 1% of all buy and sell orders from users you refer for the lifetime of the account.

First - Click here to register your account.

When you are logged into your account, click the "referrals" link on the left hand sidebar.

Then on the right hand side you will see a button saying new referal

What makes this affiliate system a bit different is the way you can create a customized affiliate link and choose the percentage of revenue share between you both.

For example, if you choose to give 0% of your commission to your referrals, they will pay the standard 3% fee.

If you are feeling a bit more generous.. you could offer 50% of your referral commission back to them which would lower their own transaction fee's to 2.5%, giving them a discount rate of 0.5%.

And here we can see if you lower your affiliate commission to nothing (crazy talk) your affiliates will only pay a 2% fee on transactions wh...

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