Eighty-Sixed - Newest Episode Just Released

steemit.com5y ago

In case you need information about this, Eighty-Sixed is a web series is from Cazzie David and Elisa Kalani, whom you may not know by name, but if you know of a vintage television program titled "Seinfeld" or a program called "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Cazzie is the daughter of Larry David.     

Eighty-Sixed to me is in no way a copy of Seinfeld or Curb, but if you enjoyed either of those shows, below is the first four full episodes that will run you less than a half hour to watch them all.   I can't wait to see what more things Cazzie or Elisa get involved in, but at the least I hope this series continues.

Ep1 - "Promise I'll Win"