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Crazy Comment Contest [Steem Bounty Added]

Much like the show Seinfeld, this topic is about nothing !

I have placed a small 0.10 SBD Bounty reward using @steem-bounty as a way to payout the winners. Next weeks bounty will depend on the popularity of this weeks contest. If you are not familiar with @Steem-bounty below is a brief explanation :

The bounty is separated into two parts: 80% of the bounty is distributed according to the votes from the bounty creator. If the creator votes for more than one comment the relative %-age of the vote determines the distribution. 20% or the rest of the bounty is determined by votes of everyone else that voted on the comments.

So 80 % of the bounty will be awarded to the winners via me up-voting their comment. The remainder 20 % will be shared to everyone that gets an up-vote from a reader.

Rules :

Place a random comment in the comment section. It can be about anything. The more crazy and shocking the more likely you will get my upvote and win the lions share of the bounty placed on this topic. I will only be up-voting two comments so two entries will be winning 80 % of the bounty. I won't upvote until day 5 or day 6 of this post as to give everyone lots of time for an entry. NSFW ( not safe for work ) pictures are not allowed.

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