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Bruce Lee, Wing Tsun, and Mastering the Elements of Kinetic Combat!

The highest level of sophistication a fighter can reach comes with the ability to act purely off instinct and touch. Touch is the greatest of all senses, and the mind adapts to the contour of feeling even moreso than the contours of vision.

Traditional martial arts utilize the sense of mind and movement of body to establish one's ability to fluidly defend and attack at will. The roots of combat can be seen in nature.. as most all martial arts draw on how animals protect themselves in the wild. Animals do not possess guilt or the logic of repercussion when they are hungry or hunted, they simply act on instinct.. and in those moments they utilize the most effective attack and defense mechanisms available. It is in these moments humans observed, and copied.

Much of the wrist clamping and counter striking taught in Wing Tsun (such as 'Bil Jee Sao') resembles the head of an open hooded King Cobra slithering through the guard jabbing the throat! There are countless other examples of Tiger and Crane forms.

Bruce Lee was a heavy Wing Tsun practitioner and the martial art itself has heavy influence in boxing of the past and modern eras. Check out my article coming out soon for @steemsports in which I heavily discuss Floyd Mayweather's use of Wing Tsun when boxing opponents on the inside.

I have included this gif as an example to Floyd's use of rhythm manipulation, and the science behind a man being most vulnerable the instance after attacking (hence the clinch to avoid any incoming counters)... this is one of the main principles in Wing Tsun and many martial arts which focus on close quarters hand to hand combat.

All of Bruce Lee's notions follow the same path of Chinese philosophy, and that is for humans to mimic nature in both movement and spirit. In both attacking and defending, one must never leave themselves open, but instead prepare for the next attack all the while evading...

To mimic nature is to conquer the element...

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