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Boy Scouts' decision to welcome girls isn't completely welcome

Are we shutting the Girl Scouts down now?

Are they forging a path to sell Boy Scout cookies?

Why not just merge them if there is zero value in training boys and girls apart?

What are your thoughts?

If Men and Women are Different, Feminist Thinking Fails

In today's society, there is a crazy push to deny any difference between boys and girls, as if the two sexes are a complex Venn diagram of how someone feels on any particular day.

When books are written such as Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science and Society and immediately gains accreditation and approval from the Royal Society as 'Science' Book of the Year, you know we're doomed.

“Goodbye, beliefs in sex differences disguised as evolutionary facts. Welcome the dragon slayer: Cordelia Fine wittily but meticulously lays bare the irrational arguments that we use to justify gender politics.”―Uta Frith, emeritus professor of cognitive development, University College London

The book seeks to determine that hormonal differences between sexes are nil.

Because the idea that hormones have ANY affect on human behavior is the leftist admitting that men and women are different at all, (and further that women might be affected monthly). Can't have that.

Beginning of the end. Good game, you readers with common sense.

Full Article Thoughts?

Quick Two Minute Listen:

Listen to Michael Malice, Dave Smith and Owen Benjamin discuss this book from the 11minute mark:

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