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Beer Tasting - Black IPA ('Põhjala Mets' by Põhjala)

BTC rockets back to 4000. IOTA makes a good move up and DCR seems like an opportunity. I hold some IOTA so fingers crossed there! I have raised this black drink in that direction!

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I think I understand Põhjala labels a bit more! It isn’t random. It’s evocative. They try to make that first impression that translates to tasting experience. I could be wrong though, heh. A lazy designer…

Fakin Pub as usual. Not a rush hour. Good craft. Smell of wet floors and beer. There is an outside terrace though! Drop by to the Faculty of Humanities which is nearby. Cheap coffee and pretty girls! Cheerful mood!

Daily beer menu - 18/09/2017 Photo-shoot Põhjala Mets by Põhjala StyleBlack IPA CountryTallinn, Estonia Alcohol7% -------------- AppearanceBlack. Brown persistent head. AromaRoasted herbs. Sharp aroma. Like a very good porter with some extra hops. Some pine. Resinous! TasteHeaaavy red grapes. Grape juice! Vinous. But bitter. And then sour. Some sour cherry. Very layered and complex taste. Outstanding! PalateWatery with prickly carbonation. Leaves a lot of flavour in the aftertaste. All the bitter hues almost warm the palate. -------------- OverallIf you are into heavy hopped brews this one will be the star of the show! If you are more of a mild kind of guy give it a pass but at least try it. It's very well balanced. Personally, I'd appreciate fuller body. Score (subjective)18/20

Price: 9 kuna (1.45$) for 0.1 ml tester. On tap at a pub. Splurge.

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Highly praised! Please drink with style and responsibility! Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP Beer devotees: @kingscrown @meesterboom @beers @uwelang @rynow @detlev @professorbromide @costopher - you encourage me to write every day!You can find a lot more beer posts in my blog as well as other posts on various topics. Thank you for all your sharing, caring and upvoting! Need some post visibility...
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