Beat Up Daredevil with Spider-Man Vintage Comic Book Giveaway

steemit.com5y ago

This is going to be a super easy contest for a neat little item.  This very beat up comic book was printed in 1972 and features two different Daredevil / Spider-Man stories that were originally in Daredevil #16 & 17 (from 1966), both stories by comic legends Stan Lee & John Romita Sr.  When you deal with comics in quantities, sometimes you run into neat items like this that are not good enough to sell, but you don't quite want to throw it away either, and usually I give these things away to my Etsy and OpenBazaar customers, but wanted to share one with a Steemit user.  Other than the back cover, doesn't seem to be missing any pages. Below is a preview, look under the images for how to win.

   You DO NOT have to resteem this post, but I won't stop you, and to make things really weird, you DO NOT even have to upvote this post, but I mean c'mon.   What you DO have to DO is head over to and upvote at least one post that will fit the following guidelines:

Your vote must be cast after this post is made.  That means you cannot use a post in #comics you have already upvoted.    I will check to verify timestamps of this.   The post in #comics has to have been made before this post.   This is to ensure no abuse, only posts made before this post are upvoteworthy.     Steemit is full of great content on the #comics hashtag, it has widely been accepted as the go to hashtag for pretty much any viewer of  Do not question these metrics.   This line is not a guideline, just wanted to make you aware of this.

Leave a comment on this post with what post you upvoted (JUST THE LINK).    All comments made on this post until July 17th, 2017 will be assigned a number.  First comment is 1, second is 2, etc.  That total number will then be thrown into Random's  True Random Number Generator, and that Steemit user with the comment/link that fits within the guidelines will win the prize. You will have to have a valid U.S. address that is able to receive a comic book sized envelope.  Warning you may be given extra geeky swag if anything cool is within arms length before sending the comic.  Good luck.