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Art Content creators have to help themselves! Proposing a collective work to get more visibility (And Steemarket Art Contest #3 - Submit your art and win 20SBD!)

After a little pause, here is again the Art contest linked to Steemarket, the web showcase to sell and buy artworks using SBD

But I'm not going just to launch another edition of the contest. I would encourage artists to help themselves, as a community.

Steem Art Community is great already, but I think it needs to grow more and give to artists more opportunities to show (and sell) their artworks. We have to sell our art. The rewards we get from Steem are a great chance for artists to get some money from their work, but it can't be enough. 

Steem is a great network, still growing up; we art creators have to use that network and all the part of the Steemverse that is slowly being formed. The Steem company is not going to invest for that. It is clear enough, so far.

Artists are mostly selfish. I know that. I make art since 1980, and I'm in the Art world since 1990. We have to fight our selfishness and create a collective source of alertness and focus. 

How? Think about it, let's think about it as in a brainstorming.

My first proposal is to create an unofficial guild. No upvoting trail, just sharing the posts of other artists you like. Do you want a name for it? Let's take something like "Art team".

My second proposal is to create a database of opportunities for exhibitions, sales, contests all around the worlds. We can put it on and share it. Or somewhere else.

What do you think? What do you propose?


Ok, now the contest.

In the past editions, SAC (Steemarket Art Contest) received really amazing submissions from the great community of artists on Steem: here are the artwork of #1 and #2. 

So, here it how it works:

- All artists on Steemit can submit their artworks from today to Sept 27, Wednesday, h 11pm GMT.

- Each artist can submit 1 artwork for each of the 3 categories of the Contest

- The categories are

Painting and Drawing (not digi...
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