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'Jessica Jones Season 2' Review - With great power comes great tragedy

After watching the second Avengers movie; Age of Ultron, I've lost interest in the major Marvel Cinematic Universe, but have fallen in love with the Netflix original series collaborations with Marvel. Right after Daredevil, Jessica Jones follows as my second favorite series that Netflix has done. Season one dealt with a lot of psychological issues surrounding Jessica and her crazed rapist Killgrave, while season 2 tackles different themes such as the loss of family and loved ones. Warning, some spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Jessica Jones, if you don't happen to know is a super powered Private Investigator who owns her own firm known as "Alias Investigations". She's also an alcoholic with severe misanthropy, but that's one of the themes challenged in this season, as Jones learns to become more open with those that she cares for. Season 2 opens up very slowly, which didn't bother me personally as I like to see the calm before the perpetual storm and casual interactions between characters.

We learn that someone has been cutting off loose ends tied to IGH and anyone outed by Trish on Trish Talks. This leads Jessica to the place where she was experimented on and given her super powers. This leads her to having nightmares among other delusions, as she remembers that she wasn't the only one given powers in that facility. We learn soon after, is that Jessica isn't the only Jones who survived the car crash that ruined her life. Jessica's mother is alive and super powered as well, but with severe anger issues that lead to murderous rampages.

Not only is she super powered, but the man responsible for the experiments also happens to be her lover. This leads to some major complications during the season as Jones tries to maintain a semblance of a relationship with her mother and a man she resents. There's a lot of character development, primarily within the trio of Jessica Jones, Trish and Malcolm, but even minor characters like Hogarth h...

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