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Status Weekly Development Updates 29th Sept - 3rd Oct.

Project Management:

Our team working on project management oversees the big picture and aids in the planning, initiation of work and the coordination between teams.

Final testing of 0.9.11 has been completed, approved and released for both Android and iOS. Further work has been completed on the active Epics; wallet, networking switching and discover. A number of organisational calls and discussions surrounding future design direction and Devcon3 release planning. Clojure-Team:

Our Clojure team is the core of our development team, they handle the functionalities of our application and house our largest team of developers.

Working on next binary release 0.9.11Reviews on various issuesAdded some commits from release/0.9.11 to develop#1976 — Issued some small pull requests related to network switching Devcon3 release planning meeting#372 — Investigated mixing of result of call method#1754 & 1966 — Reviewed both issues#1840 — Investigated migrating all lists to components.list#1972 — Looking into Discover DApp screen, updated discovery issues with screenshots from Zeplin to help with mapping them #1874 — Further work on Discover screensWork on product design documentDevcon3 callPreparing a development plan to split up work and make it easier going forward Worked on adding some Wiki documentationDevcon3 callWallet callCreated issues for wallet design review#1941 — Fixed Android issue where emoji icon is shown instead of ‘X’ at the end of the input field for commands#1944 — Investigating ‘Error Loading Data’ is shown for newly created accounts#1971 — Started work on Wallet- show transaction fee on send transaction screen and check balance before sending #1959 — Working on pull request fixing some styling issues with wallet #1710 — Worked on changing the /send command flow to fit with new functionality. Testing was successful and merge should happen soon #1130 — Begun work on issue where password request is not shown in console for s...
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