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Status Ethereum DApp Creators Issue #16 - ETHLend

Stani, wonderful to be talking with you. Can you start off by telling us more about ETHLend?

Hi Hutch! At ETHLend we are developing a decentralized lending market that is accessible for participants from differents parts of the world.

Our aim is to provide more liquidity to local lending markets and to markets where there is less access to finance. Therefore, local borrowers are not solely subject to local banks and peer-to-peer lenders. Instead, these borrowers could request finance from all parts of the world with a single loan request.

Such global lending marketing is achievable with the use of Ethereum Smart Contracts and the blockchain technology beneath Ethereum.

Our vision is to erase the interest rate differences between countries or at least to create an lending environment where borrowers with the same risk level can access to similar interest rates regardless of their location.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What got you interested in Ethereum?

I am based in Finland, and have been doing research on blockchain technology for the past couple of years. I got introduced first on Bitcoin, when I did legal research on the income tax liability on Bitcoin earnings.

At the same time I started to develop trading bots on Bitcoin and at some point found Ethereum. Ethereum inspired me with the use of Smart Contracts and the concept of digital tokens. This was something that was missing from Bitcoin blockchain. I further researched on whether real life financial contracts could be provided on the blockchain.

I understood that digital tokens could be used as a collateral for a decentralized loan. The former applies not solely to liquid blockchain startup tokens but as well to tokenized property such as commodities, art, shares and other property.

I believe that Ethereum network has lot of potential despite the fact that there are scalability issues that needs to be solved and more importantly t...

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