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Introducing nimbus an ethereum 2.0 sharding client

Status’ goal is to drive mass adoption of Ethereum

In order to do this, we have had to play an active part in the development of the ecosystem at many levels: from improving Whisper, to working on Light Clients, to doing UX research and studies about the best patterns for easy and intuitive use of web3. Much like many other projects now on Mainnet, the next big issue we have to tackle is scalability of the network itself.

In order to advance the collective work on scaling Ethereum, we have been building our own client, called Nimbus, which has a particular focus on sharding. Nimbus is written in a language called Nim, which offers us various unique features capable of handling both the complex computations required, while ensuring they can still happen on resource-restricted devices.

Sharding, Plasma, STARKs, better signature aggregation — all of these things will contribute to the sort of network and transaction processing speed we all need to make Ethereum a truly global phenomenon and actually build a more open, transparent, and secure internet. We are blessed, as always, to be able to work with many different people from across the community on solving these problems collectively and look forward to learning and contributing actively to scaling Ethereum so that we can build, together, the global computer we all envision.

What exactly is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a research project and a client implementation for sharding, light clients, and next-generation Ethereum technologies addressing the concerns of scalability and wide access. We feel Ethereum 2.0 will mostly live in embedded systems, so have designed Nimbus to perform well on IoT and personal mobile devices, including older smartphones with resource-restricted hardware. We also aim to make Nimbus extensible, configurable, and modular. A client designed to work well on mobile and embedded systems, that is modular enough to allow for rapid iteration and implementation of the research b...

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