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Beta release 0.9.22 - ERC721 collectible support

Beta Update 0.9.22 — ERC721 Collectibles Status wallet collectible support

Included in update 0.9.22 is wallet support for ERC721 collectibles! Collect, store and share. From the wallet, go to “Manage Assets” and toggle on the collectibles you want to see. We currently support three: CryptoKitties, Etheremon and CryptoStrikers. Others you’d like to see? Simply shake your phone anytime you’re in the app to let us know.

This latest update also includes the addition of a new default public channel for our community members speaking Farsi.


Collectibles support (CryptoKitties, CryptoStrikers and Etheremon) Farsi public #status channel — increasing our public chat language offerings to seven: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Farsi Improved spam moderation New DApps


Downgraded React Native to 0.53.3 for improved performance and decreased battery consumption When joining a chat only download one day of history


Fixed mailservers connectivity issue How to Update:

Already testing Status? Updating is easy.

iOS: Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.22 and tap ‘INSTALL’ Android: If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update’

Haven’t installed Status yet?

iOS: Sign up for access via TestFlight here Android: Simply download Status from the PlayStore

Note: With Beta 0.9.22. mainnet is enabled by default. If you were running version 0.9.21 or an earlier version on testnest, you will need to manually switch to mainnet in your profile under Advanced > Network after updating to 0.9.22. You will still have the ability to opt back in to testnet. Remember, securely exchanging real tokens and ETH is only available when you are on mainnet.

As an open source project, your participation matters. Join our community and help build Status. Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a good place to start.


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