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Nodes Communication at the SONM Platform: Whisper and Discovery

Nodes Communication at the SONM Platform: Whisper and Discovery

In the past week, the SONM team has been working hard to integrate the Whisper Protocol and to implement the Discovery Algorithm, is a crucial part of the platform.

SONM is a decentralized worldwide fog supercomputer for both specific and general purposes — the first of its kind — which is an efficient and cost-effective way to solve various problems especially in comparison to the cloud computing, an understood technology. The Whisper Protocol and the Discovery Algorithm are an important part of SONM client which makes the nodes work and coordinate in harmony.

Technology Outline and Development Results

The Whisper Protocol is a secure peer-to-peer communication protocol in the Ethereum network for DApps, which is designed to allow nodes communicate with each other. It is designed to rely on identity-based data and enables users to send messages within the network.

The Whisper Protocol can manage indexed sets of records such as those controlled by several keys. The records can be non-unique, and the keys can be identical or different.

The Whisper Protocol is particularly useful in these circumstances:

DApps needs to publish small amounts of information to each other and have the publication last some substantial amount of time. DApps that need to signal to each other in order to ultimately collaborate on a transaction. DApps that need to provide non-real-time hinting or general communications between each other, such as in a chat app. DApps that need to provide dark (plausible denial over perfect network traffic analysis) communications to two correspondents that know nothing of each other but a hash. For instance, this DApp could allow a whistleblower to communicate to a prominent journalist.

In the application, the Whisper Protocol allows transactions to be automatically executed and without the need for a centralized archive....

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