An unbiased review of Skycoin

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Uh oh… Now we have to talk about the negatives

So far the tech is great and, as we have seen, development is very strong. However, there is a caveat. The marketing, community management and public relations behind Skycoin is very weak. In crypto; A world of hype, rumours and reputation, this is a huge factor.

While there have been some good attempts at marketing through various interviews and conference presentations that the head of the project (codenamed) “Synth” and Brad (the CMO) have attended, the negatives seem to far outweigh the positives with examples below to show…

Let’s look at an example of bad marketing (with bought views, comments and likes):

Now let’s look at an example of bad PR:

This is a response that “Synth” gave when replying to someone who was attacking Skycoin. While the person attacking may have been slightly aggressive, the response was completely unprofessional, derogatory and insulting.

When an investor goes to subreddits of the official project and sees responses like this from, not just team members, but the head of the project, huge red warning lights go off and they are, mostly, instantaneously turned away.

Furthermore, this is not just a one-off occurrence. Similar things are said in the main telegram group oftentimes.