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Our new monthly Sia Community Update

Sia Community Update — September

Summer is drawing down, and Fall is closing in. In case you missed the Triannual Update or didn’t catch me in Discord — I’m Steve, the new Community Manager for Sia. I’ll use this space to get everyone up to speed on new Sia community developments, highlight stand-out projects from our users, and share my thoughts on what’s next for us.

We care about you and what you have to say. We care about making a product that changes the face (or at least foundation) of storage. Those two things are inextricably linked. That’s what we try to keep in mind each day.

Anyway, on with the show.

Discord One of the fastest growing communities in the crypto space

Many of you are well aware that we’ve moved our community’s central base of operations to Discord, so I won’t drag this topic out too far. What’s worth mentioning though is how smooth the experience has been for our users. With almost 4,000 members and a channel selection bot developed by community members @Aleks, @eddiewang, and @rudi, the Sia Discord server is a great place to call home.

We have channels dedicated to Spanish, French, Russian, and German speakers (ask a mod to join), channels for discussing renting and hosting, and many others. We have the all important #help channel, the best place to get your questions answered.

Discord will grow with us, and become better with us. It’s equipped to handle the needs of one of the fastest growing communities in the crypto space.

Join Discord now.

Class is in session

Nebulous/Sia CEO David Vorick led a nearly six hour long discussion in Discord regarding Sia development, blockchain design, and industry issues. Users were welcome to submit questions and join in on the conversation, and we’ll soon have a link to the full archive on our website.

David also did a user Q and A with The Next Web recently. They were gracious hosts, turnout was great, and you can read it all he...

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