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[Blog] Sia Community Update — October 2019

Sia Community Update — October 2019

The past two months of activity on Sia have been impressive. We had another release, more community updates, a new hire, and new all-time highs. We met with our community, got listed on Kraken, and entered into a settlement with the SEC over our previous Siafunds offering.

Used storage on the Sia network increased from 476 TB on September 1 to 672 TB on October 31. That’s a 41% increase over two months, and represents one of our largest increases in such a short period of time. Used storage won’t always go up every day — sometimes large nodes will shut down and the many TB they store will expire. But it should trend up over time, and that’s something we’ve been seeing for years now.

In this update Scams targeting Sia users SEC Settlement Our two-token model and the timeline of events

This was significant news that we think will be great for the Sia network. We entered into a settlement with the SEC for our 2014 sale of Siafunds (our revenue-share security token), and the SEC took no enforcement action against Siacoins or any current activity on the Sia network.

While we are disappointed that the SEC chose to take action with respect to our relatively small offering conducted years before we had the benefit of guidance, we are pleased at how the Sia network fared under such intense regulatory scrutiny — and that after a thorough investigation, the SEC asserted no claims regarding Siacoins or the current operations on the Sia network. You can read the full press release and our FAQs.

Our newest developer

Please give a warm welcome to Sia’s newest Core Developer, Peter-Jan Brone aka PJ (@pjbrone in Discord)! He graduated with a Master of Science in Distributed Systems, after which he joined a large Belgian startup where he focused mostly on platform performance and scaling to make it enterprise ready.

He discovered blockchain in 2017, fell down the rabbit hole and then change...

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