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These girls are well-utilizing Secret Network LOL

Naked Strokes NFT Hitting Highest Sale Record. What is SKY price?

Day 2 Release Details + Day 1 Reflections Day 2 Release Time 15 Jan 2022 02:00utc (Our Discord/Twitter followers know first)

Thank you for all the supports to Ashley L. Studio’s First Launch at Stashh, Private NFT Marketplace powered by Secret Network. We had generated over 235 $SCRT 🤑 revenue for us to i) maintain our livings here in Omicron’s attack ii) keep our passion to “arose curiosity of the people on their human nature, and get inspired to appreciate their own nature”, and iii) prove that private NFT is valuable😋😋

Day 1 Reflections We are sorry for postponing the First Launch time for 15minutes due to a poor technical resolving technique. We felt grateful for the patience of our supporters and the quick response from Stashh’s team in Discord. We would get familiarized with the functions with Stashh to prevent such issues again. We know being a girl or being an artist is not an excuse for the issue 🙅‍♀️ More works have to be done on Marketing. We spent some money on Twitter Ad offered from others’ DMs, but found that should be a scam, at last 😖 we would try out more ways to arouse interest 💪💪💪 Unclear message from our previous Blog Post. Thank you for the communities’ reminder, we would want to elaborate a bit more on our NFTs’ properties. What is “SKY price”?

In our previous Blog Post, we mentioned “SKY price”. We live in an Asian country that would define highly unaffordable pricing as “天價”. Just like a recent SOLD of “HARDER, HARDER” worths 3,000SCRT now (which could also be described as “SKY price” to our team).

What is driving the value of our Naked Strokes NFTs? What are Public, Private and Protected Properties?

Some of your Naked Strokes NFTs have “Protected Properties” that would only allow the current owner to see the message behind it. We assume many people would want our MODELS’ INFORMATION. Since only 1 owner could reveal the unique NFT’s ...

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