iExec Partnership with "Request" dApp, Gilles becoming their advisor.

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Announcing our partnership with iExec

Last week we expressed our wishes to see the ecosystem collaborate in order to bring more value to the end user and already started working with other projects (see Blockchain bricks, 0x, civic, aragon article).

We are pleased to announce a partnership with the iExec team. This partnership will be mutually beneficial.

First, what is iExec?

iExec is building a distributed cloud to support distributed applications. In simple terms, they publish smart contracts on the blockchain that other contracts can call with parameters, the iExec smart contracts run the computation off chain and then send back the results to the initial smart contract.

What is the link with Request?

On the one hand, Request will provide a solution to iExec to regulate the financial interactions among buyers and sellers, providing an auditable accounting trace, facilitating payments and adding advanced protection such as an escrow mechanism.

On the other hand, iExec will provide the platform for Request to develop a decentralized smart audit algorithm (read more about smart audit in the whitepaper) to help companies run their own financial audit in a cost-effective and decentralized way.

Now the best part

In addition to this partnership, we are really proud to welcome Gilles Fedak, CEO of iExec, to our team as an advisor. He will help to improve the token launch and make this project a success.

We can’t say it often enough, collaboration makes us stronger. We’re part of the Berlin blockchain ecosystem and hope to see you at the next Ethereum meetup!

Visit our website to know more.

Join our Slack to be able to participate in the Token Launch.