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RISE - How to keep track of your payout rewards

How to keep track of your payout rewards in RISE Table of Contents Prologue Useful links to bookmark List of delegates and their respective payout sites TL;DR: Go to part 3 to see the list of sites and calculation method 1. Prologue

A while ago, I wrote this article about how to "maximize your voting rewards profit in LISK" (link HERE!). Now, since the release of Python SDK last week, RISE has caught my attention again and I have decided to stack up my RISE and jumped into this potential coin.

Since there are quite a lot of articles out there showing you how to vote, I believe showing you HOW TO TRACK your payout is a better topic to focus on. So here are some results from my research.

Note: If you still wondering how to vote, here is a good article on steemit from @jeffblogs https://steemit.com/rise/@jeffblogs/how-to-vote-with-rise-to-earn-a-passive-income-with-dpos-delegated-proof-of-stake

2. Useful links to bookmark DPOS Tools - RISE

I believe most of you know this website from vekexasia developer: https://dpostools.com/RISE

It can simulate how much RISE you would earn if you vote for those delegates in the list. Just type in your RISE address or the amount of RISE you have, then look at the MD - monthly dividends - to see how much you will get.

Official delegate proposals

This is from the official RISE VISION forum, if you truly want to contribute to the network, I highly recommend you to go to the delegate you want to vote and read their proposals!

Link: https://forum.rise.vision/category/5/delegates-proposals

3. List of delegates and their respective payout sites

Since the TOP 101 list is subjected to changes, I would only post some notable delegates here with their pages to help you track your payout. As far as I know there are 2 ways to calculate your payout:

a. Go to delegate's site and put in your address (if they have their official site). Here are the delegates with th...
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