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Forbes - XRP Not Ripple, The Quest To Finding The XRP Symbol

We build tools that editors love, but we also contribute to the greater open-source community. We strive to deliver our knowledge and expertise in helping make the world a better place, and for good reason. Having the knowledge and willingness to advance something, however small, is all it takes to make a difference. Because of my personal interest for blockchain technology and digital assets (or so called cryptocurrencies) and similar technologies, I decided to contribute to the XRP community in a unique way.

For those who are not familiar with what XRP is all about, XRP is a digital asset used in the XRP Ledger. The XRP Ledger is a decentralized cryptographic ledger powered by a network of peer-to-peer servers. The XRP Ledger is the home of XRP. The codebase for implementing the XRP Ledger is an open-source project released by Ripple. One of the interesting things about this project is that it is meant to be used by large-scale institutions, but it can also be implemented at any scale by anyone using the provided open-source software.  The XRP Ledger utilizes the digital asset “XRP” as the network’s native “currency”. XRP can be used by banks and payment providers to source liquidity and offer competitive rates when sending money across international borders, but it does not need to be limited to just that. XRP can be used for more than just fast international remittances by large institutions.

Because the XRP Ledger’s technology is universally available to anyone, the digital asset (XRP) can also be used as a form of currency for everyday purchases. Being able to utilize XRP as any other currency opens the door to more innovative ideas. To put it into perspective, if a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is used at a point of sale, it would create long lines as people wait for hours for their transactions to go through. With XRP, one can transact within seconds, and as engineers contribute to making the software and network more efficient, we ...

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