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QuazarCoin Mining Guide (draft)

# QuazarCoin (QCN) Mining Guide ## Installation **QuazarCoin**, works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. You can download it from [official website](http://quazarcoin.org/downloads.php). ### QuazarCoin Daemon **CryptoNote** coins are different than **Bitcoin** forks. Usually there are daemon and wallet shipped together. In order to use your wallet for receiving and sending payments you must have synchronized blockchain and keep daemon run. Let's launch it and sync blockchain. Start `quazarcoind`. Daemon will start blockchain synchronization. If you won't to waste your time, would be much faster to download almost up to date `blockchain.bin` file. You can find it in the [downloads](http://quazarcoin.org/downloads.php) section. Download and move it to `%AppData%/quazarcoin` directory. On Linux and Mac OS move it to `~/.quazarcoin`. Remember, that blockchain files are different for every platform, but contains same data. **Mac users** can install from source using [HomeBrew formulas](http://github.com/sammy007/homebrew-cryptonight). Check out README file there. Currently only for Mavericks. * Install [Homebrew](http://brew.sh) for OS X. * Add alternative repository: `brew tap sammy007/cryptonight` * Build: `brew install --HEAD quazarcoin` ### Wallet...
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