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Have your say on Byteball distributions

Along with the name and Byte pricing unit on exchanges, Byteball distributions are probably the most discussed aspect of the platform. With that in mind, we felt it would make sense to open up distributions more to ideas from the community instead of the Byteball team deciding them.

Have an idea on how you would like to see the remaining Bytes and Blackbytes distributed? Then let us know on Reddit. We have had quite a few ideas so far. Head of Strategy, Valerius Coppens, also published a summary on how some of the main distribution methods have gone so far.

In short we are looking for distribution methods that are hard to abuse, fun for both whales as well as small fish and benefits the Byteball ecosystem.

BB Convert upgrade

BB Convert has received a New Years upgrade. In addition to converting government currencies to Bytes, you can now also convert them to Blackbytes and custom assets!

For example, see how much $1 is in Blackbytes. Before this upgrade it was a pain to work out the USD price of Blackbytes. Blackbytes are not listed on Coinmarketcap nor any similar website so that wasn’t an option.

See this short article including a screenshot on how this improvement works.

Luckybytes opportunity

Luckbytes, the provably fair lottery that runs on the Byteball platform has been made open source, see the Github repository. The first person from the community who installs this bot again and commit to run it, will get a place in the Bot Store.

This is a commercial opportunity i.e. you can make money running Luckybytes. For example, in 2016, state lotteries in the US generated approximately $22 billion in profit. When cryptocurrency gets mass adopted playing a provably fair lottery on your smartphone instead of handing your money over to Uncle Sam may be a popular way to play!

A big thanks to pxrunes for developing Luckybytes, running it for the past year and last but not least, sharing the source code!

Weekly Draw improvement

In response to more feedback we received, the Weekly Draw rules have been further modified. There are now two draws at the same time and two winners. Each winner gets 100 GB and 211.11 GBB, the winner’s referrer gets 100 GB and 211.11 GGB.

Chances to win in the first draw are proportional to the balances held, the winner is named Prince of Whales. Chances to win in the second draw are proportional to points owned, the winner is named King of Goldfish.

The current rules can be viewed at the top of the draw statistics page.

New home for Byteball stats

Byteball stats are back online with a new web address. Thanks to Seb for sharing the code which is now published on Github, and any hub operator can install it and track stats from their hub.

P.S. Happy New Year! We made a lot of progress on the capabilities of the Byteball platform during 2018. That said, the mainstream media continues to largely only report on the price of Bitcoin (yawn) rather than what platforms are actually building, and what changes distributed ledgers will bring to the future of trust.

We are confident that sooner or later the world will want to know all about it.

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