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Lior Yaffe from Jelurida on How Covid-19 Uncovers the Flaws in Our Money System | Hacker Noon

Lior Yaffe from Jelurida on How Covid-19 Uncovers the Flaws in Our Money System

"What I see is how the pandemic is exposing the inefficiency and inequality of the existing fiat system. Governments are printing money to bailout those who recklessly spent it during the good years. Banks lending government-backed money to those who don't need it instead of helping businesses in distress." - Lior Yaffe, Co-Founder, Jelrurida

 1. Hi Lior, welcome to our series "Behind the Startup". Tell us about your story and your journey into the blockchain industry?

I have always been a fan of computers and mathematics, I lived through the personal computer and the internet revolutions, after graduating in computer science I worked for over 20 years as a software engineer. Prior to establishing Jelurida, I led the development of a leading mainframe integration product at Software AG.

I knew about Bitcoin for a while, but only in 2014, I decided to truly study the technology. Looking for how to contribute, I joined the Nxt core developers in the development of the first proof of stake blockchain, which was back then way ahead of its time.

The developers of Nxt later incorporated Jelurida in Switzerland in 2017, where I am the co-founder and mostly working on the development of the Ardor project these days.

2. For our readers, Jelurida has contributed significantly to the blockchain industry and has developed successful blockchain platforms such as NXT, Ignis, and Ardor creating the whole blockchain ecosystem around it. Please tell us more about the story behind Jelurida - How did you start the company, and what is your vision?

The roots of Jelurida can be traced to the Nxt open-source blockchain project and the 2016 kick-off of Ardor.

As developers of this groundbreaking technology, we needed funding, legal protection, marketing, and business development.

Jelurida was established to help companies, startups and big organizations, includin...

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