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NEXO Binance_DEX AMA Recap 2019-11-28

AMA held on Binance_DEX telegram, 2019–11–28, 3PM UTC

Segment 1 — Questions asked by Moderator (Richie)

Before we kick in with the show, we will all love if you guys can introduce yourself and tell us a bit about NEXO as well

I guess we already did that to some extent 🙂 So, my name is Mariusz and I am the Clients Service Director My colleague who joined me in the amazing (hopefully ama) is Nick He is responsible for our VIP clients Nexo as you most probably know is the most advanced and number one Crypto Lending company We also have amazing Earn product allowing our clients to earn 8% on their savings And if you have Nexo tokens you get dividends — 30% of the profit is shared among our clients — NEXO Token holders!

Do not forget about the Nexo card which will be released soon and we will talk about it in a few

Any ETA known for when the card will be available?

Unfortunately, at the moment no. We are in a final stages of implementation and most probably the Nexo card will be released early next year

Segment 1, Question No1:

What is Nexo and what problem does it solve? is the most advanced platform for instant crypto credit lines and earning interest on cash and Stablecoins. Soon, other crypto assets will be added :wink: With our instant crypto credit lines, Nexo gives digital asset holders the best of both worlds — instant access to cash and retaining ownership of their assets (including BNB). We are the only blockchain company to provide lending services in 45+ fiat currencies and in more than 200 jurisdictions. — nice a? With our Earn Interest product, clients can generate up to 8% annual interest on stablecoins, EUR, USD, GBP and soon also for the tokenized Gold product, PAXG. Nexo allows clients to add or withdraw funds to their interest-earning accounts at any time without losing the accumulated interest. — amaizing feature And one of the very important things :wink: On top of tha...

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