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The whitepaper of our new project FutureDAO

FutureDAO whitepaper

Bruce Liu v1.0

Table of Contents


1.1.     Trends of network community and cultural diversity

1.2.     Start-up financing costs hinder creativity and cultural prosperity

1.3.     Traditional Internet-based equity crowdfunding

1.4.     ICO 's success and failure

1.5.     IEO problems

2.Looking for a better ICO-DAICO

2.1.     Token bonding curve

2.2.     Two bonding curves financing model

2.3.     CO: continuous organizations

2.4.     CO two bonding curves financing model


3.1.     Design philosophy

3.2.     Single bonding curve VS two bonding curves

3.3.     On-chain governance

3.4.     Off-chain governance


5.Use cases

6.Value and significance


1.      Background: 1.1.     Trends of network community and cultural diversity:

The mobile Internet has built a huge online social network. In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook’s monthly active users reached 2.3 billion, while WeChat has 1.1 billion. Most of the world’s population has been linked through a few social networks, and people’s communication becomes convenient and close. Based on a widely connected social platform, different groups of people form niche communities with a certain culture as the core, and the ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) cultural community is the main form. These communities have a strong sense of cultural belonging and a strong willingness and ability to consume. Take gaming as an example. According to Newzoo analysis, global gaming revenue reached $137.9 billion in 2018, with more than 2.3 billion active players and over $1.1 billion paid players. As artificial intelligence technology matures, more and more manual labor and jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots. Human beings will spend more time on cultural products. Therefore, cultural and crea...

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