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NNS Testnet .neo and .test domain registration tutorial

NNS Testnet .neo and .test domain registration tutorial


After much development, testing, and preparation, the NEO Name Service TestNet is now ready to accept registrants.

Bidding preparation and CGAS

To bid on a .neo domain name, first go to and log in by creating a new wallet file, or using an existing wallet. (Please note, the application is running on TestNet. Do not send any MainNet assets to your wallet.)

You will require CGAS, a NEP-5 token bound to GAS at a ratio of 1:1, to bid on TestNet “.neo” or “.test” domain names. You will be able to request TestNet GAS on the landing page, and are able to claim 10 TestNet GAS at a rate of once per day.

Once you have collected your 10 TestNet GAS, you will need to convert the GAS to CGAS on the “CGAS Exchange” page.

Note: After clicking the “Exchange” button, the page might take a while to respond as the exchange is dependent on block height and time. Once the “Exchanging” changes back to “Exchange” on the button in the red box, the CGAS conversion is complete.

Once the GAS to CGAS conversion has taken place, you must select the “Top Up” function on the “NNS (.test)” page(In this article, we take .test auction as an example, as it takes much shorter time to experience the whole auction process compared with .neo domain auction.) to deposit your newly converted CGAS into “Your Auction Account”. Once this step has been completed, the CGAS can now be used for bidding on domain names.

Bidding for Domains

Currently there are two kinds of domains you can bid for on the TestNet: .neo domains and .test domains.  The TestNet .neo domain auction simulates the MainNet .neo domain auction, and the entire auction process takes 3–5 days. The TestNet .test domain auction is a fast auction. Please note: 5 minutes on the .test domain auction represents 1 day, and the entire process takes 15–25 minutes, so users can quickly experience and u...

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