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NEP-5 Guardium ($GDM) Tokenomics Deep Dive - Medium

Guardium ($GDM) Tokenomics

Note: Like much in technology and especially in crypto, this article is an evolving hypothesis, not a definitive statement. As we learn, experiment, and try different things, some or all of these ideas and policies are subject to change. Please see the full disclaimer at the end of this article.

Guardian Circle is a new, global 9–1–1-like emergency grid. Guardium (GDM) is the currency that drives participation in the Guardian Circle ecosystem.

The ecosystem includes a marketplace of services and products for the users of Guardian Circle. The ecosystem includes these participants:

Consumers of the paid services Paid Response Service Providers Remote Sponsors IoT Alert Device Manufacturers Guardian Circle

Guardian Circle is responsible for recruiting and onboarding consumers into the ecosystem, and for managing the circulation of the Guardium currency, and for the processing of subscription payments.


Consumers use Guardium by downloading the Guardian Circle app. The app is used to create and answer Alerts. It also contains a Guardium wallet.

Basic Service is FREE, and always will be, worldwide. This includes:

Unlimited friends, family, neighbors in your Alert Circle. Have 6, 60, 600, 6000 — up to you. Unlimited Alerts.

Beyond that, there is a marketplace of Paid Response Service subscriptions. Examples include:

EMT / Paramedic Medical Transport Licensed & Bonded Private Security Rescue Remote Alert Operator (‘Concierge 9–1–1’ similar to LifeAlert) Public and Private Security from Governments / Municipalities / Campus Public Safety / Corporate Security firms


You can pay for these subscriptions using fiat (credit card, etc.). Or, pay in Guardium ($GDM) and receive a 50% discount. Or, if you stake Guardium ($GDM) in your app wallet (lock up a certain amount of $GDM for a certain amount of time), pay in fiat and receive a 20% discount. ...
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