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NEO Burger governance token soon! 💚🍔🔥


BurgerDAO is the owner of all smart contracts of project NeoBurger.

Of course, BurgerDAO is the owner of BurgerDAO smart contract itself. 1. Fundamental Ideas BurgerDAO is designed to provide a decentralized decision-making system for NeoBurger. BurgerDAO is a proposal-based voting system. NeoBurger Governance Token (NoBug) holders and BurgerNEO (bNEO) holders are the voters of BurgerDAO. NeoBurger Governance Token (NoBug) holders vote for the system-wide decisions and BurgerNEO (bNEO) holders vote for native Neo governance strategy preferences. Layer 2 infrastructures are used and a TEE runs in GitHub is used as a bridge between layer 1 and layer 2. The BurgerDAO contract is an agent to execute the bypassed proposals. There is a locking period for each bypassed proposal before execution. 2. NeoBurger Governance Token Name: NeoBurger Governance Token Symbol: NoBug (re.sub('[re]', '', 'NeoBurger')) Decimals:10 Total Supply:1844674407.3709551616 3. Distribution and Release Plan 25% reserve to NeoBurger contributors 75% on-chain distribution 3.1 Contributors Release Plan

Total amount 461168601.8427387904

everyone who continuously contribute to NeoBurger project for at least 256 days is able to claim its NoBug reward. (The list of contributors and their rewards will be public on GitHub.)

The contributor reward for the first claimer is 14411518.8075855872 (0.78125%)

The contributor reward for the n-th claimer is 96.875% of the contributor reward for the n-1-th claimer.

3.2 On-chain Release Plan

The release amount of the first year is 345876451.3820540928.

The release amount of the n-th year is 75% of The release amount of the n-1-th year.

BurgerDAO starts to distribute the token since the second year.

Distribution ways:


neo communities and contributors: 21617278.2113783808 early users: 21617278.2113783808 TBD

On-chain mining

4. For Investors


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Metathon coming! 💚🔥🥳


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