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NEM Catapult: Understanding Namespaces and Mosaics

NEM Catapult: Understanding Namespaces and Mosaics NEM Catapult Namespaces, Mosaics, Aliases

This is a Catapult features update from our Catapult SeriesLink to the document can be found: here.Translations: Spanish, Japanese, Italian, RussianUpdated: May 13, 2019

Recent updates in NEM have been implemented to the namespace and mosaic features integral to the NEM blockchain’s operations. These updates will further boost the flexibility and functionality of namespaces and mosaics to satisfy enterprise demands. Of course, before we cover the specifics of the changes from NIS1 (the current version of NEM) to Catapult (next NEM core engine), it may be useful to briefly review how the mosaic and namespace features currently work.

Namespace A namespace is a text string that points to a NEM account address. One can think of it as a public domain name for a NEM account. For example, “dinosaurs” could be owned by a NEM address, NAAAAA-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX. The fee to establish or renew a namespace for an account in NIS1 is 100 XEM. (Note that for the rest of this post, the words “addresses” and “accounts” will be used interchangeably, as they are essentially equivalent in the NEM-verse.) Subnamespace Continuing with the web domain analogy, subnamespaces resembles website subdomains, e.g. a, to define separate categories within larger namespaces. For example, the subnamespace “ornithischia” could be established under “dinosaurs,” which would be written out in NEM syntax as “dinosaurs.ornithischia.” In NIS1, subnamespaces can additionally have their own subnamespaces, for up to three levels in total, i.e., “dinosaurs.ornithischia.triceratops.” The fee to establish a subnamespace for an account presently is 10 XEM. Mosaic A mosaic is a string-named asset defined on the NEM blockchain that is linked to a namespace. On other blockchains, mosaics are also called “tokens.” or “assets”. The originating location of a mosa...
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