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Just wrote a short summary of NEM's economic model and details for our Clients to better understand it, appreciate feedback

What does it do?

NEM is the Smart Asset blockchain for managing data.

Key Features

Consensus mechanism and Supernode program ensure that NEM is open, public and can grow with no impact on throughput or stability Existing business logic code can easily use blockchain where it’s strongest Smart Asset system allows modular customization for virtually any application. Eigentrust++ and an incentivized public node network based on its two-tier architecture makes NEM a secure and stable platform

General information

Economic details


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Tech Bureau Corp. – a cryptocurrency and blockchain development company.

Dragonfly Fintech – a blockchain solution, providing a platform service for local or international payments and settlements. Long Wong is the founder and CEO at this firm.

Altaura Blockchain – a leading technology company that specializes in development, integration and maintenance of Blockchain.

Blockchain Global – a company that provides various service for blockchai companies to grow.

Kchain – a blockchain consulting company based in South Korea.

LuxTag – a company that provides digitized certificates via Blockchain to owners of the assets. Jeff McDonald is the founder of this firm.

Sumeru Inc. – a global consulting company that provides services in cyber security, data analytics and cloud based solutions. – a framework for managing IT tasks and workflows.

Asta Solutions – Australian company providing end-to-end IT services.

RapidQube – a company focusing on next generation, disruptive technology solutions leveraging a range of blockchain platforms and the associated front-end, middleware and back-end technologies that bring a complete blockchain ecosystem to life.

Zeus Exchange – bridge global financial markets ...

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