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Pull request opened for the new privacy implementation: blsCT!

Issue 11: Private to private txs tx fee shown twice

Issue 12: Latest commit, started 3 qt wallets with topology of A to B, A to C, B to C. Tried sending multiple pub to priv tx from A to B and A to A. Txs are stuck in pending after multiple staked blocks. Some txs eventually went through after 20+ blocks. Restarting the wallet can push the pending into matured coins.

Issue 13: When sending both pub and priv tx to the same wallet at the same time, the pending of the public coins double bookkeeping for priv pending. (I sent 50 to public side and 150 to private side in this case so the pending on public side should be 50)

Issue 14: Cannot find a way repeatable way to replicate this but this happens quite a lot in qt wallets. When doing mixing, the countdown wouldn't appear and the wallet will be stuck at this phase unless user cancels the mixing window.

Issue 15: qt rpc set ask aggregation fee not displaying BTC amount.

Suggestion 3: Changing setaggregationmaxfee description from "Sets the maximum fee this node will pay for mixing coins." to "Sets the maximum fee this node will pay for each mixing coin inputs (or outputs?)"

:) Thanks for the adding the setting fee rpc commands

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