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XMR-STAK-RX - Free Monero RandomX Miner 1.0.2-rx with hasrate increase

To improve our support we created /r/xmrstak sub-reddit check it out if you have a problem, or you are looking for most up to date config for your card. ⚠️ RandomX is a waste of electricity on GPU cards[1][2][3]. Please consider mining our algo, CN-GPU, instead. ⚠️ RandomX developer says our source is not to be trusted. Make sure you support him by paying for xmrig miner if you believe him 😂 [1]

Bug-fix release for xmr-stak-rx which also increases the hash performance on different CPUs. Big thanks to @SChernykh for the indirect contribution. The miner contains no dev fee of any kind.

This release only supports randomx variants AMD GPUs under linux require the AMD driver, ROCm is not supported. NVIDIA GPUs require CUDA 9.0 or newer. The minimum required amount of main memory on a GPU and/or CPU is ~3GiB.

Changelog: Necessary prerequisites for Windows

If the application does not start properly, please make sure that Visual Studio libraries are installed. You can download them from

Anti-virus detection

All miners are detected as viruses. Please add the binary as an exception.

Pre-compiled Binaries and Checksums

Please use the Developer PGP Key's to verify the integrity of the precompiled binaries.

The pre-compiled Windows binaries uses OpenSource Software hwloc, OpenSSl and microhttpd: The pre-compiled Linux binaries uses OpenSource Software

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 XMR-Stak-rx 1.0.2 Build Checksums compiled by: psychocrypt # released compressed binaries $ sha1sum 71e912406c3ed13f6fc85183e155d221c0f49d74 xmr-stak-rx-linux-1.0.2-cpu_cuda-nvidia.tar.xz 22121e56831e4fbc2af6478bc0e0f44f65f3a22b xmr-stak-rx-linux-1.0.2-cpu_opencl-amd.tar.xz 5813193e7003cb597e67a8fa6dc8659b4c3ffe39 xmr-stak-rx-linux-1.0.2-cpu.tar.xz 43b9666f0a06dbfb61154da73001696371a366ab xmr-stak-rx-win64-1....
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