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Why Monero And Solana Are Top-Tier Cryptocurrencies

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The crypto asset class offers many investment and trading options The higher the market cap, the greater the liquidity Monero: around since 2014 Solana provides an open infrastructure With over 9000 tokens, liquidity is critical for success

As the two digital currencies with over 72% of the asset class’s market cap and get all of the press. Futures contracts for both have also helped increase their profiles. ETF products, when they arrive, will do even more.

Most investors and traders have not come close to dipping a toe into the digital currency world. However, those with the foresight to become crypto devotees early enough to get in ahead of the crowd know that in the asset class there are many diamonds in the rough—along with many more duds. The digital currency market offers thousands of choices for those willing to do the work necessary to uncover value as well as the next explosive token.

and are two tokens that are in the top tier of the crypto hierarchy. As with any market, those who do the homework to uncover real value have the best chance to profit. In an asset class that is barely over a decade old, there are many risks and opportunities.

Since rewards are always a function of risks, the greater an investor's knowledge, the better.

The crypto asset class offers many investment and trading options

As of Mar. 30, 9,022 digital currencies aside from Bitcoin and Ethereum make up the entire asset class. The number of new tokens coming to market rises each day. Those other 9,022 coins make up 28.8% of the market cap.

As digital currencies mature, liquidity will build. As that occurs, the number of tokens is likely to peak, then decline as many fall by the wayside because they will not build the critical mass necessary to survive.

Volume, open interest, and widespread holdings are key factors for building liquidity. A...

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