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Monero workshop to take place in Norway with Blockchangers and Oslo Freedom Forum, May 28

Monero is an open source project, which attempts to lay the foundations for the future of money in the digitally enabled society. Decentralisation, financial privacy, and fungibility are the three pillars on which the technology rests; providing society with a medium of exchange that leverages information privacy, censorship resistance and self-determination.

This talk, Q&A session, and workshop attempts to communicate the moral soundness of the Monero project, dispel any misgivings one may have, and also introduce a new audience to the benefits of the technology for the individual, and society as a whole.

Presented by the Oslo Freedom Forum in collaboration with Blockchangers.

Doors open 17:45. The presentation starts at 18:15, with Q&A session and workshop to follow.

Drinks and simple snacks to be served.

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