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Monero Atomic Swaps implementation funding proposal


As a trial, this CCS proposal is going to operate on slightly different rules given the unprecedented scope and duration of this proposal. For this proposal ONLY, refunds will be issued in the event that the funding is not satisfactory or the milestones are not completed. This differs from the standard of excess or unused funds going to the general fund. To qualify for a refund, the donator must send their tx ID, amount, and return XMR address to [email protected] (PGP fingerprint: FE6D D72A 19CD C5FC 6CB9  1696 BA18 1389 4EDD 58B9, full PGP key at NO LATER than ONE WEEK after their donation is made. Any remaining unclaimed funds (in the event that the proposal is not completed) will be sent to the general fund as usual. If refunds are to be issued, the funds will be returned via the provided XMR address. In summary, the funds can be either: Unclaimed, leading to the general fund receiving them in the case of a failed proposal. Claimed within one week of the donation, leading to a refund in the case of a failed proposal. Note: The hope is that the refunds will not be needed, and the proposal will get funded and completed. In the event of proposal completion, refunds will NOT be issued. It is only if the proposal is not completed or funded to satisfaction, and ONLY for this proposal. Monero Atomic Swap implementation funding

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Hi everyone,

Three months ago, I posted a CCS for continuing my research on Monero Atomic Swaps. That research is now complete and the results can be found here. The resulting protocol is implementable today; no more missing crypto! So much so that a PoC was implemented in no time; thank you, kayabaNerve and PlasmaPower! Thus I am reaching out to propose g...

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