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Hey guys I just published a noob friendly guide to using the Monero GUI in Tails 3.2 - check it out!

Sheeps Noob Guide to Monero GUI in Tails 3.2 Monero GUI in tails 3.2

Currently the live OS tails, which focuses on preserving privacy and anonymity, only offers in-built support for one cryptocurrency through the electrum wallet — Bitcoin. Many privacy concerned digital currency users, meaning many tails users, are switching their coin of choice from bitcoin to other more secure cryptocurrencies such as Monero. This is due to the myth of bitcoin transactions being anonymous finally being debunked as blockchain analysis and other methods of deanonymization are becoming more commonplace– read more about this here. With this being said, making use of Monero within the tails OS is of high importance and the main requirement for that to happen is having an easy to use in built wallet, namely the Monero GUI (Graphic User Interface), which currently does not work in tails 3.2 out of the box. There are other Monero wallets available such as the web wallet mymonero (JavaScript required) and the android wallet monerujo as well as upcoming iOS wallet X Wallet and ledger hardware wallet Monero compatibility coming soon. However, for the sake of this guide I expect you want to use the GUI wallet within the tails OS for maximum security — so let’s get started!

Note: This guide presumes you have tails up and running with persistent storage configured. For information on how to use tails visit their website here. This guide also involves downloading the Monero blockchain which is around ~29GB currently - I would recommend using an external drive for this.

Step 1 — Boot up your tails live OS greeter and set administration password

Under Additional Settings click the ‘+’ sign then click ‘Administration Password’ and set a password of your choosing and click ‘Add’. Once this is done, start tails. You will need this password later when configuring your Monero GUI.

Step 2 — Downloading the Monero GUI

Launch TOR and visit (this is ...

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