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[FYI] DEF CON 27 Workgroup Meeting: 3 August 2019 16:00 UTC


Freenode | Mattermost | Slack | Irc2P | Matrix/Riot

Please test the relays shortly before using. If there are any issues, please use Freenode IRC directly.

Please PM SGP on Reddit with your email for a Slack invite if desired.


For discussion about DEF CON outside the meeting you can also use the #monero-defcon channel so conversation doesn't get lost like it would otherwise in #monero-community due to other general/workgroup chat.

Taiga instance can be found here:



16:00 UTC 12:00 ET 11:00 CT 09:00 PT

Use this timezone calculator to convert UTC to your time zone.

Proposed Meeting Items

Please comment on GitHub in advance of the meeting if you would like to propose an agenda item.

Introduction/Greetings Opens Confirm next meeting date/time
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