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Vote to have Mazacoin added to

edit: June 1st 2015

The Beta 1.0 Release is around the corner, for the delay we are adding the next 10 coins with most votes to the showcase to thank all the voters and users.

The last 10 selected coins for the first showcase are:

16   NeosCoin   20 (2.2%) 17   Navajo   19 (2.1%) 18   ArchCoin   17 (1.9%) 19   Whitecoin   17 (1.9%) 20   DarkNote   15 (1.7%) 21   Opalcoin   15 (1.7%) 22   VPNcoin   14 (1.6%) 23   Horizon   13 (1.4%) 24   TeslaCoin   13 (1.4%) 25   FibreCoin   13 (1.4%)

***Contest Over***

Thanks everyone for your participation.

Showcase done, Winners will earn a 2 month VIP membership to promote your cryptocurrency on the release of the Foundation.

*Showcase will rotate every 2nd-3th month.


Altcoins Showcase b1

We are closer to release, more info in the coming days.


Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero, Pimpcash, Burst, Nem, Guldencoin, BitShares, Cannabiscoin, GaiaCoin, Magi, CryptoBullion, DigiByte, ShadowCash, HTML5, AeroMe, Digitalcoin and Qora communities need to send us:

1.- Image 800x450px of your currency (message or info on it, free style, it is your space).* 2.- A 90x90 .PNG image of your coin logo with transparency. 3.- Send an email address that will claim a 2 month VIP membership in the Foundation for that account to promote your currency.

Send them to: [email protected] or in a pm directly to me here on BitcoinTalk.

Use message title: <Cryptocurrency> community logos and rep info.

*:If you can not make a 800x450px image for your currency the Foundation will create one for you, just let us know in the message with the rest of requirements.

Deadline to send required info: Friday 3rd April 2015


The contest for first round of Cryptocurrencies to appear in the home showcase is over.

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