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MaxiBlock2018: MaxiMine Gathers Up-and-Coming ICOs at Lavish Shangri-La Event

SINGAPORE, April 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- MaxiMine collaborated with blockchain consulting firm Talenta to host a lavish meet yesterday evening, showcasing up-and-coming innovation projects that redefine values, payments, and identity verification. Esteemed projects included MaxiMine - a multi-token, multi-pool decentralized cloud mining platform, Sage – A data intelligence ecosystem, Inclusion – A blockchain-based open network made transparent for SMEs and financial service providers as well as THEKEY – A blockchain-based identity verification technology (IDV) created to secure digital identities for the future.

The evening was an enchanting one, with halls decked out in galactic themes, exuding a futuristic vibe that aligns with MaxiMine's vision as a cutting-edge decentralized cloud mining platform offering revolutionary multi-token, multi-pool mining services to individuals around the world. Following an extravagant MOU signing ceremony amongst distinguished guests Shosen Tian Ci Group, Talenta and MaxiMine, Mr. Huacai – CTO of MaxiMine took the stage to explain the vast intrinsic values of mining, why it is smart to engage in decentralized mining in this day and age as well as the rewards MaxiMine staked tokens can offer to its exclusive community of users.

The mining industry has been a lucrative one in the past year, with returns reaching as high as 1000% and naturally, this comes along with throngs of mining enthusiasts who are quick to identify this money-making opportunity. Unfortunately, it is no longer feasible to mine on an independent level all with the political barriers, price fluctuations, technical issues and difficulties in switching between the type of coins mined. This was the reason for MaxiMine's emergence. Its conception as a decentralized cloud mining platform that offers users hassle-free multi-token, multi-pool mining services also meant that anyone, regardless of his or her level of expertise can ...

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