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Understanding the Dai User: Insights into Adoption - The Maker Blog

UX Tips for Building with Dai

Earlier this month, we published our Dai In Numbers Momentum Report, an exploration into the metrics of Dai usage based on data observed on the Ethereum blockchain. The report details how the Dai economy has grown in activity and diversity. As Ethereum developers add new Dai integrations regularly, more users onboard to blockchain technology and major Dai use cases gain visibility.  

It’s extremely encouraging to follow the acceleration of Dai adoption and discover where and how Dai is being used, especially in the area of decentralized finance. As we gain new partners and continue to learn about the ways in which people are building on the MakerDAO protocol, it’s also inspiring to see how UX design teams across the globe are treating the various Dai integrations.

Because we know that great product experiences, as a whole, not only play a large role in Dai becoming a building block for decentralized applications, but also contribute to increased adoption, we decided to gain more insight into Dai users. By learning why people use Dai, including their motivations and goals, we can respond to any hurdles by crafting user experiences that solve problems, produce desired results, and inspire trust. Moreover, by choosing to publish our findings in a guide we call The Desire for Dai, UX teams at organizations choosing to integrate Dai can do the same.

Why Share What We’ve Learned?

The Maker community is large and dynamic, and we want to do all we can to inspire everyone in it, from MKR holders and Dai users to developers and supporters. Additionally, we know that both the Maker Protocol and Dai can be complicated. While users of any product or platform want a seamless experience whenever and however they engage, Dai users desire even more—precisely because of the complexity that surrounds the popular stablecoin. Many people discover Dai because of problems centralized currency cannot fix, af...

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