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Scheduling the DAI StableCoin LiveStream: Tuesday 9/11 1pm EDT

Scheduling the DAI StableCoin LiveStream: 9/11/18

MakerDAO and ChronoLogic Communities Discuss Scheduling Use-Cases

On Tuesday, September 11th, at 1pm EDT, ChronoLogic hosted a “Stable Coin Use-Cases” LiveStream with MakerDAO Integrations Engineer (Sean Brennan) on the discussion panel.

It is now possible to schedule DAI token transfers for the future using the Ethereum Alarm Clock dAPP. ChronoLogic and MakerDAO communities were able to brainstorm use-cases and ask questions to the team developers.

Click the following links here to learn about the advantages of the Ethereum Alarm Clock and the many use cases for scheduling payments and smart contracts to execute in the future.

Now that ChronoLogic is testing main-net scheduling with the Ethereum Alarm Clock, you do not want to miss this opportunity to understand the huge potential of ERC-20 token scheduling and how to earn ETH bounties by executing these transactions for other parties.

You can watch a recording of the LiveStream at the following link:

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