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Dev guide: Use the test chain with Maker contracts pre-deployed for easy testing of your apps!

Test Chain Guide

Level: Intermediate

Estimated-Time: 30 - 50 minutes


This guide is intended to give an introduction on how to use Maker’s custom test chain. This test chain has all of Maker’s smart contracts deployed on it, so you as a developer can start building your dApps on top of Maker’s system. In addition, you can also use our dai.js library with this test chain.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to deploy and interact with the test chain for your development purposes.


You can run the testchain on MacOS/Linux systems and also on the Windows Subsystem For Linux. You need to have, NodeJs and bash installed on your machine.

Sections Note on Windows Subsystem for Linux Benefits of using the test chain Getting Started Options Interacting with MakerDAO contracts Open a CDP with dai.js Use MCD contracts to draw some Dai with seth Note on Windows Subsystem for Linux

If you want to run this test chain on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, you’ll run into some issues when installing the nix package manager.

This thread has some solutions to the installation process. In summary, their solution is to create a file in /etc/nix/nix.conf and add these flags in the file:

use-sqlite-wal = false sandbox = false

Have a go and see if it works for you.

Benefits of using the test chain

This test chain has Maker’s smart contracts deployed on it. This is very convenient for you as a developer to interact or build smart contracts that interact with the Maker system. In addition, you have the convenience of tweaking your chain configurations to suit your needs, such as changing the block time or deploying your own set of smart contracts when instantiating the chain.

Getting Started

In a terminal, execute the following commands.

To download the repo to your machine execute:

git clone cd testchain

Install all t...

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