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Sharping the PoW rewarding system & updates to make PoS-II the most secure coin so far

Hard fork [client version v1.2.0.1]

[12/31] PoW & PoS updates

Please update the wallet to > v1.2.0 (mandatory):

Windows: Linux: Mac OS X: Source code:

This update includes the following hard forks: PoS hard fork at block 131100 for better staking results (Expected on January 6)PoS-II Protocol V2 hard fork at block 131300 (Expected on January 6)PoW-V2 hard fork: 1/7/2015, 12:00:00 PM EST time (GMT-5:00)

# Piece of info Magi Cheat Sheet v1:

# Brief summary

Implement a filter for the difficulty data and stabilizing yielded block rewards; anticipation is improved accuracy of the block-rewarding (MagiReward) system in responding to the actual network hashrate;Introduce a CPU miner targeting at reducing hash rate ( which is much more meaningful for magi in comparison with any other coins;Adapt a close limitation of the PoS stake weight which disables potential PoS attack via accumulating significant amount of coins or offline stake time; Other miscellaneous updates. Huge amount of energies consumed in the cryptocurrency has been a big issue, which is totally opposite to the global efforts in saving energy. This issue should be resolved sooner or later in order to advance the cryptocurrency any further. As one of the possible solutions, that's the reason we have PoS. However, the pure PoS mode would never give rise to decentralization. Any approaches are vain if decentralization cannot be maintained, unless one agrees with a coin with limited time of mining or with total premining, or the such likes. The PoW should be remained in order to distribute coins into a broad audien...
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