July Progress Update – Lunyr

5Y Ago
July Progress Update

The previous update was a month ago and we have been heads-down coding ever since. Now, most of the core logic has been built including the:

Submission-Review systemIPFS content logicUser profilesArticle ViewerArticle Discovery

Decentralized peer review is a challenging problem, but after several major breakthroughs, we now have a clean, elegant, serverless design that draws inspiration from existing successful systems. The game theory model is one we’re continuing to research and further develop.

We spent a lot of time measuring performance and refactoring the architecture to provide an extensible and fast system. Our efforts have resulted in a sleek, decentralized design that we’re confident will provide a seamless user experience for both readers and contributors.

With these components ready, the team has been testing and writing out the remaining code for the user interface and iterating to achieve the highest quality user experience. The invitation-only alpha is on track to be released Q3 2017. The user interface looks beautiful and we’re excited to have users finally test it. We will be publishing signups by the end of this week.

Furthermore, we’ve made a major change to the project’s strategy. The Lunyr invitation-only alpha will now be released on the Mainnet. This innovative approach combined with upgradeable smart contracts will result in a more realistic testing environment. Subsequent upgrades will build on top of the original release. This means the content produced and reputation earned during the early stages of the platform will remain valuable throughout the project’s lifespan. Note: The CBN and LUN rewards will not be hooked up to the system during the invitation-only alpha release, but users will continue to earn HNR, which functions as a reputation system. We’ve revised the roadmap which will be published later this week. All smart contracts and code will go through extensive review and testing before release.

Team updates

Our team has been growing at a healthy pace and we’ve added several members. First off, we’d like to acknowledge the following team members for their phenomenal work and dedication to the project: Marina Matijaca (Design), Andrew Donley (Development), Adam Sah (Advisor), Antonina Norair (Development), Patrick Lu (Development), Craig Lu (Development), and Itai Reuveni (Development).

We’re recruiting! We’re looking for more talented developers and marketers to join the team. If this sounds like you then please send an introduction and resume to [email protected]

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