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Using crypto to help 450 homeless people! [Campaign Summary]

Using crypto to help 450 homeless people!

Warm Up Campaign #3 — Transparency Report

For the third year in a row, members of BlockchainBH have shown that the uses of cryptocurrency go way beyond investment.

Starting in 2017, we have run a yearly campaign to help the homeless using cryptocurrency. Why? In short, it’s just cheaper, easier and more transparent than any other global fundraising mechanism. But don’t take our word for it, let’s jump straight into the campaign stats to show you what we mean.

Key Numbers BlockchainBH founder Yakko Majuri with the 120 blankets purchased during the first round of the campaign

Total amount raised: 3,846.98 BRL

Blankets delivered: 120

Meals delivered: 331

Homeless people helped: 451

Breakdown The team responsible for the delivery of blankets in central Belo Horizonte. The three cars were driving for hours during the night to multiple spots in order to deliver the blankets to those who need it most.

We made two conversions from crypto into FIAT. For the first one, we converted 0.05234964 BTC into 2,176.28 BRL on 15/07/2019, and for the second, we converted 0.03616491 BTC into 1,670.70 BRL on 09/08/2019. Those conversions incurred standard network transaction fees for sending the funds to the exchange, but we did not pay any exchange fees on the conversion operations, as part of our partnership with BitcoinToYou, a supporter of the campaign.

For that total of 3,846.98 BRL, the money was spent as follows:

2,100.00 BRL for 120 blankets 1,657.38 BRL for 331 meals 89.60 BRL for covering the gas costs incurred by the four cars that took part in the two delivery sessions Receipts attached at the end of the article Analyzing the donations

The majority of our donations were made in BTC, with only around 3$ (at the time) being donated in ETH, LTC, and XLM combined. Thus, prior to the second conversion, we topped up the BTC address to account for those d...

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