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The Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Courses

The Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Courses

Feel like you’re lacking in cryptocurrency knowledge and need to boost your trading and blockchain expertise? You need to check out some cryptocurrency courses. There are plenty of materials and platforms out there, but choosing the right one can be tough. Don’t worry, we made a list of the most useful cryptocurrency courses for you.

Cryptocurrency courses on Udemy, Coursera, Udacity

Udemy, Coursera, Udacity are online educational platforms with courses on subjects that range from marketing to programming to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There are hundreds of courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced crypto enthusiasts. You can find paid as well as free of charge courses. The courses mostly cover these three topics:

Blockchain technology — these courses will teach you the fundamentals and help you dig deep into the technology itself. You can learn how blockchain works, what smart contracts are, how to create your own cryptocurrency and many other things. Trading — everything about IEOs, ICOs, trading patterns, portfolio management, etc. How to use cryptocurrency — these courses will provide you with the necessary info about wallets, mining and places to purchase and cash out your shiny coins.

These platforms have a rating system with a comment section for students where they leave their feedback and reviews about the lessons. Look through the comments and ratings to choose a high-quality course which will suit you the best.

BlockDegree on Blockgeeks to enhance your career

If you are a professional looking for a course to learn more about blockchain and implement it in your career you should take a look at Master Courses on Blockgeeks. There are two professional programs available — a Blockchain for Business Non-Technical Masters Course and a Law and Regulations course.

These are nice courses if you want to expand your professional expertise and broaden your c...

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