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Magical Crypto Conference, Day 1 Coverage

The first day of Magical Crypto Conference had a lot of highlights ranging from great announcements and great talks, to borderline bizarre displays of eccentricity. When was the last time anyone went to a Bitcoin event and saw a real bull next to the entrance? Or when did any conference organizer create a custom arcade machine that runs an original video game for which you pay with Lightning instead of quarters? Even Riccardo “Fluffy Pony” Spagni has showed up with a remote-controlled quasi-robotic body (described by Max Keiser as “screen on wheels”) with whom you can interact through a tablet. When was the last time an event host, co-founder and sponsor has pulled off such a strange antic?

Well, when you have immutable Bitcoin-centric discussions and accomplished developers and industry leaders attend a conference which revolves around a meme-able My Little Pony-esque characters and their YouTube show, then you know you should be expecting peculiar phenomena. First of all, it’s worth noting that the first animated cartoon short of Magical Crypto Friends has finally premiered during the event’s kickoff presentation, and it pretty much aligns with the toxicity and Blockstream spy-ness of the regular show.

Secondly, the crowd has received many exclusive announcements which include a Lightning-oriented October conference taking place in Berlin, a partnership between the Blockstream Satellite system and GoTenna’s TX Tenna, and a HTC phone which runs a full Bitcoin node. News about a Lamborghini give-away (which might turn out to become Justin Sun-esque) and a live Magical Crypto episode have also emerged, so stay tuned for a more in-depth coverage.

@fluffypony isn't fluffy anymore… #MCC2019 — TLDRCrypto (@ImpactDLT) May 11, 2019 Magical Crypto Conference Highlight #1: The first Magical Crypto Friends cartoon

Titled “Fake Panda”, the 3-minute clip revolves around a theme of identity theft, megalomania, and po...

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