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David Burkett's latest progress on MimbleWimble (MW)

Hi everyone!

I’m David Burkett, the developer of Grin++. I’ve been working with ecurrencyhodler, Charlie, and others for several months now to design a Mimblewimble extension block so that LTC users can have confidential transactions and more fungible money.

I spoke a bit about our progress at the LTC Conference last month, but for those who are unaware, we’ve published 2 new LTC improvement proposals (LIPs):

LIP-0002: This describes extension blocks, and how they can be implemented and activated in LTC.

LIP-0003: This is all about Mimblewimble on LTC.

After the conference, much has happened. The first big announcement is that the LTC Foundation has graciously decided to fund my efforts to implement the MW extension block, and to continue working on Grin++! More details about that will be announced shortly, but I want to thank you all for the opportunity.

Since that was announced, great progress has been made. On the Grin++ side, I’ve implemented payments via TOR. Mimblewimble requires interacting with the receiver to build a transaction collaboratively, so by using TOR for that interaction, we’re able to use familiar-looking addresses, a simpler set-up, and much better privacy.

Also, I’ve performed the first ever (AFAICT) pre-broadcast Mimblewimble CoinJoin. For those familiar with Mimblewimble, you may know that at the time transactions are included in a block, they are already joined with all other transactions in that block. The Achilles heel of mimblewimble privacy though, has always been that transactions are broadcast before they’ve had a chance to be joined with other transactions. That means nodes monitoring the network can see the original input-to-output links of most transactions. Sending a transaction directly to a CoinJoin server before broadcas...

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