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[Lisk Magazine] Fresh Air in Delegates Landscape: the Latest New Candidates

Yesterday the #Delegate channel in Lisk.Chat has been shaked by many news, as many known people announced the launch of their Lisk candidate.

Elum, the Dutch Ambassador that recently released a report about the Lisk Berlin Meetup, created his own delegate and he is now running for a forging position.

Southpaw439, recently nominated Lisk Ambassador, announced that Lisk Trust has been disbanded and is no longer part of Ascend, but he has been accepted by Ascend as an individual member. In addition to share 55% with voters, he aims at using 15% of his funds for a Lisk Incubator in the USA. Here you can read his delegate proposal:

Jordan and Ben, two bilingual French/English brothers living in France, announced to run the delegate called crypto_embassy. They joined Ascend and they are working on various projects backed by their private limited company, including consulting on Lisk-based projects.

Lisk Magazine, that yesteday in a long article announced the decision to create its delegate.

Lemi registered his candidate, but he has still to release his proposal. Also Lisk Central America will run for a forging position, but it is still in its early stage.


There are many other standby delegates that recently announced the launch of their candidates and we would like to mention:

Sexor, that runs Minions delegate, is a Lisk.Chat moderator; he is the author of several Lisk tools and he maintains a forging testnet node. Minions is now on 179th place.

TonyT908, the main tools back-end developer for, currently in position 163th with more than 1 million votes.

Ascend, that announced the relaunch of the group, with the formation of LiskAscend Delegate and the alliance with Sherwood Pool. Read more about this news.


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